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Water Remediation Services (WR)

When a sudden and accidental discharge of water occurs in your property it will cause damage to the materials around the affected areas. Materials will absorb the water and will lose their original composition. Our job is to prevent further damage on your property by restoring those materials.

Applied Structure Drying (ASD)

The temperature in the target area is increased by recirculating its air through the machine's conditioning system. The system heats and lowers the relative humidity of the air being conditioned. The conditioned air is fed into the target drying area either directly or through ducts. The structure gradually warms up and vapor pressure is lowered - promoting evaporation. The system controls the environment being dried, removing the potential for mold proliferation and expelling airborne particulates, odors and mold spores to the outside.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

If a fire occurs in your property restoration will take place to dry the materials affected by water used to stop the fire, removal of all burned materials is disposed. Odor control and restoration of subsequent areas not affected by the fire takes place. Personal belongings that are restorable will taking care of.

Tarp Services

If your roof has an opening rain can be as destructive as a hurricane over time it will slowly corrode the roof structure as well as your studs, insulation, drywalls, floors, cabinetry; also creates the perfect environment for mold growth. It is imperative to prevent further damage to your property by installing a tarp, this is a preventive measure until you can get your roof repaired.

Odor control and Remediation

When your home is hit by any type of a non-pleasant odor cause either by fire, smoke , pets, rotten materials, dead animals you can count on our expertise to eliminate and restore the quality of the air that you breath on a daily bases.

Mold Assessment

When a discoloration is observed on any surface of your home or office to avoid any future risk it is important to take into consideration to hire a mold assessor to physically sample the affected surface and the air to determine if any class of mold is present and growing. It is well known the effects on your health in the presence of mold causing a variety of illness.

Virus & Bacteria Sanitation

Now more than ever after this challenging time we are all going through is it vital to protect the health of our love ones with and schedule sanitation program that will allow our homes or offices to have a safe environment for all.

Shutter Installation

When a hurricane is prognosticated to hit your area and you don’t the time or the ability to install the shutter, we will gladly help you do it.

Mold Remediation

After mold assessment and protocol is provided confirming the presence of fungus in your property; planning, containment, removal, disposal, sanitation, EPA air scrubbing, odor control an encapsulation will follow to prevent further growth of mold on those areas. Final mold assessment is done confirming the absence of mold for your peace of mind.

We offer a complementary assessment of the damage

and work along with a certified & insured plumbing company,

builder contractors to give our customer the best service possible.

About us

DASARO is a company dedicated to guide clients thru the process of an emergency mediation service providing them with the necessary knowledge to understand the procedures in a less invasive manner .

DASARO was created to help our community to understand how a mediation service works after a difficult personal experience we decided on 2012 to found our company.

We work with all main insurances like: Homeowner Choice, Citizens Property & Casualty, Universal Property & Casualty, Federated Insurance and many others.

We offer a personalized service that brings you -home and business owner-

the peace of mind you need during this challenging moment.

We restore your property in a less invasive way and as fast as possible.

We are not limited by a zip code, we service the entire estate of Florida

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